Amândio Anastácio (1975)
Director, set designer, puppeteer, producer, occasional handyman

Founder and artistic director of Alma d’Arame, studied Set Design at Escola Profissional de Teatro (Technical Theatre School) in Cascais in 1996 and is currently finishing his master’s thesis in Theatre – specialising in Acting/Puppetry – at the University of Évora.

He attended several workshops, seminars and courses, including a workshop in the Kuruma Ningyo manipulation technique, a course in Lightning Design at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and the master class “The actor and his double”, under Neville Tranter, founder of the Stuffed Puppet Theatre, at Charleville-Mezieres.
Anastácio has worked with the Companhia de Teatro de Marionetas de Lisboa (Lisbon Puppet Theatre Company) as a puppet creator and maker, as well as designing sets and, as a sound and light tech. He has worked with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (D. Maria II National Theatre) and the Companhia de Teatro de Almada (Almada Theatre Company) as a set designer, prop maker and creator of marionettes and masks. He has worked with theatre directors such as Carlos Avilez, João Mota, Joaquim Benite and José Manuel Castanheira.

His work as a creator is built at the crossroads of new languages around puppetry, theatre of objects and visual theatre. He believes that new paths of artistic fruition, as well as new ways to create and to debate art, can be found in the differences between these languages.