School of Music and Performing Arts, Porto

The Scenography Course at ESMAE is divided in two learning cycles, the first of which is dedicated to developing basic skills in working with multiple crafts and technologies. With great emphasis placed on the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, the students discover the methodologies and artistic practices in theatre, while following a wide-ranging and diversified coursework, with a theoretical base that encompasses Theatre, Art History and Dramaturgy. The theoretical-practical component is aimed at developing the technological skills needed to conceive and create a set, while actually building sets and props for the stage. The practice is materialised through two final projects of assembling and presenting a stage performance, under the guidance of a guest director.
The second cycle of the course is dedicated to a learning specialisation, which articulates academic investigation with research and reflection. At the end of the course, students undertake a Project/Dissertation or an internship, following their artistic, technological and methodological evolution, according to their own personal interests.