Francisco Moura Pinheiro
Architect and scenographer

Trained as an Architect, and a Scenographer by eternal devotion, I describe myself as the guest performer of any project I can be a part of, while maintaining another job.
If “tropical baroque” is the definition of a life bound by the connections between art and skill, between Portugal and Brazil, writing and graphic design are now the means by which I carry out my evolution.
After six years of waxing poetic at Le Cool Lisboa, as soon as the project ended I launched a solo career writing editorials for, fitting together texts with unique images. I seek to recreate an iconographic imagery while deconstructing it at the same time, resorting to a scenographic scholastic. Currently, and because one can not live only off exalted writing and drawing, I work as a business analyst at Accenture, following the course of an ever-changing life.