Inês de Carvalho
Scenographer, artist-educator

Born in Lisbon, also lived in London and in Évora. Currently resides in Porto.

Inês de Carvalho is interested in how participatory modes and strategies can mediate art, life and fiction; she conceives, directs and develops projects where research, practice, production and pedagogy cross in the visual and performative arts, inspired, to a great extent, by the materiality of the space and the potential of scenographic writing.

Trained at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School (BA in Theatre Design, 1998), The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (MFA in Theatre Design, 2000), and the University of Évora (MA in Visual Arts/Intermedia, attended in 2005-07).

Inês de Carvalho has taught at the Performing Arts Department at the University of Évora, and at the Jean Piaget School of Education. She is a MUS-E artist. She regularly attends and speaks at conferences and seminars; she coordinates workshops internationally.

Has exhibited at the World Stage Design (Cardiff, 2013); was part of the curating team of IDBOX (Portuguese Representation at PQ15), where she co-coordinated the Student section. She is a member of the IFTR Scenography Working Group; participated in the Education Commission of OISTAT and the Space Design Group; is a member of the APCEN board since June 2016.

Since 2009, Inês de Carvalho has been working with Visões Úteis as a scenographer for theatre and performance, as well as intervening on the landscape and the territory, exploring different contexts for participation.