Joana Saboeiro
Architect | Scenographer | Photographer

Born in Lisbon, her connection to theatre and the arts began when she enrolled at António Arroio arts secondary school and attended theatre courses. In 2010 she obtained an MA in Architecture, at the IST (Lisbon), with the dissertation Lugares Mutáveis – Arquitectura e cenografia do Teatro O Bando (Mutable Places – Architecture and set design in Teatro O Bando). Joana Saboeiro has worked with O Bando and Rui Francisco, expanding on her interest about the relationship between architecture and scenography. She has worked as a scenography assistant, both for theatre and television, namely in ARTE (a play produced by UAU) and Brainstorm (a tv programme for SP/RTP – 2016)
In 2011, as an actress, Joana Saboeiro was a member of the group Holofote and founded the theatre company NOC, where she oversees the scenic spaces, for plays such as Entre Este e o Outro, in 2013.
In Architecture Photography, her work has been shown in the collective exhibition SAMPA. She has also worked in Stage Photography, for plays such as Ainda Não é O Fim and Jangada de Pedra (Teatro O Bando), or Noturnos and Torcicolo (GTT).
In 2014 she conceived the interior design project for the parking areas at the Allegro shopping centre in Setúbal. And in 2016 she worked in building the street concept for EDP at NOS ALIVE festival. Currently, she is working in Stage Photography, Set Design for Theatre and Television and Architecture.