João Martins
Musician and sound designer

João Martins (1977) works as a musician and sound designer. He writes and improvises music and builds musical instruments, devoting part of his creative work to the connections between sound, space, identity, memory and dramaturgy.
He studied Music and Architecture and has a BA in Artistic Studies from the Universidade Aberta.
Co-artistic director of the theatre company Visões Úteis, where, besides soundtracks and soundscapes for plays, he manipulates sounds for alternative formats, such as audiowalks.
João Martins studied Musical Animation at the Education Services of Casa da Música, in Porto, working regularly for the education services at several institutions, in creative listening, construction of audio narratives and sound technologies.
He teaches at the School of Music and Performing Arts at ACE (Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo – Contemporary Performance Academy), in Porto.