Luís Santos
Set and costume designer

Luís Santos was born in Tomar in 1974. His connection to the theatre began at 16, through the group Fatias de Cá. After graduating from secondary school in Visual Arts, he moved to Lisbon to attend university. He obtained a BA in Theatre Design and an Undergraduate Degree in Scene Design from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School.
He began working as a scenographer with professor Helena Reis, in 1996.
In 1997, he did an internship at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, having worked in all the performances of that theatre season.
In 1998, with Celso Cleto, Luís Santos founded Teatro Público, having worked in the following shows: Os Emigrantes, Slawomir Mrozek (1998), Orgia, Pier Paolo Pasolini (1999) and O Jogo da Salamandra, Jaime Rocha (2002).
From 1998 onwards, and for 19 years, he worked as an assistant to Cristina Reis, the resident scenographer at Teatro da Cornucópia, in Lisbon.
Luís Santos has been working as a scenographer, costume designer and prop maker with the following directors: Luis Miguel Cintra, Celso Cleto, João Mota, Álvaro Correia, João Ricardo, Paula Gomes Ribeiro, Luca Aprea, Carla Lopes, Matilde Trocado and Mário Redondo.
At the same time, he develops work in artistic education.