Professional theatre company

Teatrão is a professional theatre company which exists to provoke thought, as well as challenge and inspire the modern world. They look to intervene in the everyday lives of surrounding communities, contributing to the recognition that art is an essential part of our society. The activities developed by the company are based on three main guidelines: – Creating original plays; – Education: implementation of an educational service in the city and region; – Programming the company’s residency site, at the Oficina Municipal do Teatro, in Coimbra.
Teatrão’s creative process consists of creation through theatre laboratories, thorough investigation of theatrical language in its diverse areas and practices which articulate the contributions of all creators throughout the processes. The Oficina Municipal do Teatro, with all its different spaces, creates challenges for scene design proposing new dialogue in the relation between the scene and the audience.
In 2017, Teatrão presented Palcografias, an exhibit dedicated to the visual and plastic aspects of the production of a theatrical play, in an artistic collaboration joining the scene designer and costume designer Filipa Malva, the photographer Carlos Gomes and the light designer Jonathan de Azevedo.