APCEN represents, in an inclusive mode, the Portuguese professional and student designers and technicians that act on the expanded territory of the “visual realization of performance”. Recapturing the ancient roots of the term scenography, as the practice of the writing of the scene, this association assembles not only scenographers / theatre designers / set designers, but also costume designers, prop designers, lighting designers, architects, technicians, etc…

We conceive APCEN as a place for producing and conveying culture – within the dynamic process of perceiving culture as specifically applied to contemporary practices of what is scenographic. We acknowledge APCEN as a platform where this culture may develop and consolidate:
– through a joint work of reflection on the many shapes of the Portuguese scenography;
– through its active enrichment and empowerment as an expanded area of thought and practice;
– proactively working in the contexts of Portuguese arts and politics programmes towards a progressive recognition of scenography in the public sphere;
– committedly engaging in this area of knowledge – one that envisages a progressively broader spectre of a more ambitious range of institutional approaches and purposes;
– acting towards the dissemination of Portuguese scenography worldwide.

In order to perceive and achieve these objectives we are strongly committed to diffusing and recognizing of our associates’ work, by promoting synergies that facilitate their training and visibility, not only between their usual peers, but, in particular, those facing wider contexts of interaction, national and internationally.

Apart from specific projects APCEN organizes regularly national meetings with programmes which aim
(1) the dialogue between associates in thematic working sessions,
(2) the invitation of creative partners and practitioners relevant to each area to join in the debate,
(3) complementary cultural activities, in which different practices are confronted with its core purpose, theory and common ground.