Aurora dos Campos (1983)
Set Designer, Researcher

She holds a BA in scenography from the Theater School of the Federal University of the
State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO_2006) and a Master’s in Art and Design for the Public Space at
the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto with the research “Dramaturgies of the Everyday.
Speculations on the Fictional Dimension of the Real” (2019).
She dedicates herself to scenography for theater between Brazil and Portugal, where she
currently lives. Having collaborated, among others, with Foguetes Maravilha (BR) and Alex Cassal
(PT / BR), Cia dos Atores (BR), Coletivo Improviso (BR), Guilherme Leme (BR), Cristina Moura (BR),
Enrique Diaz (BR), Filipe Caldeira (PT) and Catarina Gonçalves (PT).
For her settings, she received the following awards in Brazil: 5th Cesgranrio for “Tom na
fazenda” by Michael Bouchard and staging by Rodrigo Portella (2017); the 26th Shell-RJ, 1st
Cesgranrio and the 3rd Critical Question for “Conselho de Classe” of Cia dos Atores (2013) and
the 7th APTR for “Breu” by Pedro Brício in co-authorship with Miwa Yanaguizawa and M° Silvia S.
Campos (2012).
In 2007 she participated in the Scenofest of the Prague Scenography Quadrennial with the
video performance “Cuconovolândia” based on Aristophanes’ “The Birds”.