Fernando Alvarez
Set Designer | Costume Designer

Lisbon, November 29th 1969

BA from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School, 1991.

In 1991, he begins collaborating regularly at the Teatro Experimental de Cascais, having worked in almost every one of the stage plays Carlos Avillez directed, be it in scenography, costume design, graphic design or production.

Out of eighty productions, he highlights the following: Casamento, W. Gombrowicz, O Leão no Inverno, J. Goldman, Roberto Zucco, B-M. Koltés, Woyzeck, Büchner, A Cozinha, A. Wesker, O Dia de Uma Sonhadora, Copi, Marat-Sade, P. Weiss, Deserto, Deserto, J-P. Renault, Os Biombos, J. Genet, Guernica, F. Arrabal, O Comboio da Madrugada, T. Williams and A Tempestade, W. Shakespeare.

He has collaborated with Marco D’Almeida at the S. Luiz Municipal Theatre, in Lisbon, on Caixa de Sombras, by Michael Cristofer. With Rute Rocha, for Gato que Ladra, he worked in shows such as Casa – O Cultivo de Flores de Plástico, by Afonso Cruz, as a set and costume designer.

Along with João Vasco, he directed plays for children for the Misericórdia de Cascais/ATL da Galiza charity, an organisation he has continued working with to this day.

Fernando Alvarez designed the sets and the costumes for the operas Inês de Castro (Persiani), Don Giovanni (Mozart), and Dido e Eneias (Purcell).

Co-director of the Espaço Memória of the Teatro Experimental de Cascais, he is also a member of APCEN.

In 2017, he won the SPA-Autores award for Best Scenography, for his work on A Tempestade.