Sara Franqueira

An Architecture graduate from the Technical University of Lisbon, Sara Franqueira later obtained an MA in Theatre Studies from the the University of Lisbon’s School of Arts and Humanities. She is enrolled on a Doctoral programme at the the Theatre Studies Centre at the same School, researching on the contemporary scenographic experience.
As a researcher, she focuses on the relationships and contaminations between contemporary scenography and the visual arts, speaking regularly at international meetings and publishing articles on these subjects. She teaches Theory and History of Theatre Design as well as Space Design at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and the Lisbon School of Technology and Arts.
She works as a contemporary art mediator for several institutions, including the Gulbenkian Foundation’s Modern Arts Centre and the Berardo Collection’s Contemporary Art Museum. She also coordinated the Performative Space section of the Official Portuguese Representation at the Prague Quadrennial, in 2015.
Sara Franqueira has been conceiving and producing a wide range of artistic activities and workshops for many different audiences, while working regularly on the stage arts. She has created over 40 scenic spaces for theatre performances and exhibitions, while also working in performative and transdisciplinary projects. She co-founded three theatre companies as well as APCEN – the Portuguese Association for Scenography.